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Relevance of Old Testament - Reformed theological seminary virtual courses

1. historical discontinuities
Social structures - patriarchal
religious experiences - less dramatic displays of God's power. some distance, creates sense of irrelevance

Misunderstanding NT outlook on OT.

Romans 6:14 under law vs under grace (under the law does not mean under the ot, or that the ot is not irrelevant) (under grace misunderstood as only under teachings of new testament) Paul means we are not under the judgement of the law and slavery to sin through the law (rom 7)

Christ is the end meaning "goal" for the law. He is the purpose for which the law was written. The OT prepared the way for Jesus.

OT helps define what the gospel means. (mouth, hearts OT notion)

OT and modern world similarities

Same God - character of God demonstrates means what he said then is relevant today because he is immutable.
God has kept his covenant promises, those promises are from the OT. People observed how God treated generations before them because God always keeps his promises. Hope of continuity between then and now.

Same world - Today is the result of yesterday. World is influenced by  OT life. Even in western society has been affected by the 10 commandments. We are the historical result of that world. Our lives were similar crisis, marriage, struggle, etc.

Same people - begotten in the image of God James 3:9, sin marred the image but we remain in his likeness. linguistics, mental capacities. psychological reactions. 1 kings 8:46/rom 3:23 People were sinners then and are sinners now. 


1 Timothy 3 - All scripture is God breathed --> referring to OT. NT was being written.
1 Corinth 10:11 - written for our benefit

Necessity of OT

More variety of situations in OT. OT shows diversity of modern experience in Christian church (prisoners, leaders, rich, poor, etc)
NT doesn't talk much of worship, prayer, music...NT wasn't meant to be read alone.
NT never defines what a "christ" is. the OT already does.
2 cor 5:17 New creation. referring to OT creation, and israel saw a recreation and so was return from exile. and when Jesus comes it is a recreation. Need OT as a background to understand. NT doesn't speak on social justice. We get our understanding of social justice from OT. and insight to apply God's word.



August 2010

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