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Aug. 16th, 2010


Relevance of Old Testament - Reformed theological seminary virtual courses

1. historical discontinuities
Social structures - patriarchal
religious experiences - less dramatic displays of God's power. some distance, creates sense of irrelevance

Misunderstanding NT outlook on OT.

Romans 6:14 under law vs under grace (under the law does not mean under the ot, or that the ot is not irrelevant) (under grace misunderstood as only under teachings of new testament) Paul means we are not under the judgement of the law and slavery to sin through the law (rom 7)

Christ is the end meaning "goal" for the law. He is the purpose for which the law was written. The OT prepared the way for Jesus.

OT helps define what the gospel means. (mouth, hearts OT notion)

OT and modern world similarities

Same God - character of God demonstrates means what he said then is relevant today because he is immutable.
God has kept his covenant promises, those promises are from the OT. People observed how God treated generations before them because God always keeps his promises. Hope of continuity between then and now.

Same world - Today is the result of yesterday. World is influenced by  OT life. Even in western society has been affected by the 10 commandments. We are the historical result of that world. Our lives were similar crisis, marriage, struggle, etc.

Same people - begotten in the image of God James 3:9, sin marred the image but we remain in his likeness. linguistics, mental capacities. psychological reactions. 1 kings 8:46/rom 3:23 People were sinners then and are sinners now. 


1 Timothy 3 - All scripture is God breathed --> referring to OT. NT was being written.
1 Corinth 10:11 - written for our benefit

Necessity of OT

More variety of situations in OT. OT shows diversity of modern experience in Christian church (prisoners, leaders, rich, poor, etc)
NT doesn't talk much of worship, prayer, music...NT wasn't meant to be read alone.
NT never defines what a "christ" is. the OT already does.
2 cor 5:17 New creation. referring to OT creation, and israel saw a recreation and so was return from exile. and when Jesus comes it is a recreation. Need OT as a background to understand. NT doesn't speak on social justice. We get our understanding of social justice from OT. and insight to apply God's word.

Jun. 9th, 2010


Kevin DeYoung's message "Church"

Includes the fullness of Christ. Visible and necessary expression is the hope of the world.


Grow in Love:
Decision to believe what God's word says about the church and to bear with the failings of the church. Love is a deciision

Grow in commitment:

Commitment: a decision to settle down and to serve

1 Peter 2:5 The church is a building. Christ is the cornerstone. Jesus without the church is like a basement without the house.
Ephisians 1:22, the church is a body.

Institution of marriage, shows relationship between Christ and church. Shadow of marriage shall have given away to substance. Christ. The Church is Christ's bride.
Christ gave his life to his enemies for his bride. He didn't take their lives. Jesus loves the church and she is often imperfect.

Declarative gospel preaching, baptism, church discipline, Lord's supper...etc

Application Questions

How does understanding what the church is (a building, a body, a bridge) change your attitude toward the church?

Are you asking the right questions about the church? (What questions should you stop asking? What questions do you need to ask more frequently?)

Where do your expectations of the church need to be adjusted?

How does the doctrine of original sin affect our expectations for the church?

Why do we need more plodding visionaries? How could you be a better plodding visionary?

If we are to grow in love and commitment we need to:

Ask the right questions.
We are losing nominal Christians who no longer feel the need or cultural pressure to go to church.

Are we believing the Gospel? People will not be convinced of Christianity if we are not convinced of it.
People are eager to hear someone passionately, humbly, winsomely speak "thus sayeth the Lord"
Has the role of the word shrunk.

Are we getting the Gospel out? With words Gospel?

Are we getting it right? Am I embracing temporal values?

Are we adorning the Gospel with good works?

Are we training our children

Are we trusting in God's sovereignty in the Gospel?

6. Are we praying?

As long as God is interested in his glory, he is interested in your church.

Having right expectations..
Doctrine of original sin = we are predisposed to sin. Helps us understand our churches better. We are JUSTIFIED and SINNERS. Bride and prostitute.

Do I love community so much that I am prone to destroy it? Am I impatient with real community? Remember sin, and remember is starts with us and we are in need of a Savior. Doctrine of sin forces us to take a look at ourselves.

You can easily find an identity in being jaded.

It's harder to put up with the church and easier to hate.

We need fewer revolutionaries and more plodding visionaries. We need to establish the right vision. Zachariah 4:8,10 Do not despise the days of small things, (plodding, slowly but surely) Get on the right road and keep going. we are prone to radicalism without follow through. (takes humility) Long obedience in same direction.

Application Questions

How does understanding what the church is (a building, a body, a bridge) change your attitude toward the church?

Are you asking the right questions about the church? (What questions should you stop asking? What questions do you need to ask more frequently?)
1. In what ways am I becoming the change I want to see in my church?
2. What are some of my negative contributions and how can they change? -Complaining about tasks, or making sure others have known what I have contributed to a project, etc.
-Being sober-minded and prepared to worship with I attend church and LS (etc). Praying before meetings. Spurring others on to that.

Where do your expectations of the church need to be adjusted?

How does the doctrine of original sin affect our expectations for the church?
It brings us to reality.

Why do we need more plodding visionaries? How could you be a better plodding visionary?
Plodding visionaries sustain the church because of their perseverance. Where would the church be today without them? They keep the future in sight and don't give up hope because they have a clear view of God's promises and vision. The fact that they can plod is because they have a solid understanding of and faith in God. When you don't understand something, it can at times be hard to appreciate it. They recognize that it is God who does the work. It's easier to burn out or give up when you're relying on yourself and see yourself fail before others. I can be a better visionary by continuing to have passion for God's people and in the duties I perform. Sunday school: Thinking ahead of lessons. Viewing my service as a unique opportunity to share the Gospel with little Children, not just babysitting.

May. 17th, 2010


(no subject)

If we're not careful we can change the gospel by trying to adjust it to the culture.

Paul's Pastoral Purpose

Colossians 1:24-3:--

Paul is making the word of God fully know so he can present every Christian fully mature in Christ. Longing for every Christian to embody Christ fully. He joyfully suffer, preaches, toils for this purpose. Rejoices in the progress made for this purpose. Is this what we are consumed with? are we aware that what God is doing with us is causing his people to be perfected in Christ. Need to be gripped by this task before we can engage the culture. How do we press people into Christ? That is our task. It's possible for ideals to enter that displace us from our true goals. They can adjust the gospel by suggesting that is about something other than this purpose Paul had.

Is your purpose to win, engage the cultural? If so there may be a gospel drift. We are proclaimers and representatives of the culture.

centers strategy to address the culture by addressing the church not the church. God's people. not to citizens at large. Centers strategy on the redeemed. Defines slavery as contrary to sound teaching. and in doing so helps the church understand how it should be different. wants God's people to understand this issue to be contrary to the Gospel because they're the only ones that can think in those terms. Pushes gospel toward it's radical implications.

Philosophy that drives that purpose verses 6-7
Since they have responded to the Gospel by receiving Christ, they should walk in Christ, in that treasure of wisdom and knowledge.

Have the Gospel be your philosophy. Are we captured by Christ? Is it the world's ideas we here or Christ and the gospel?

A Christian unaware of the problem of leading a christian life in a non-christian society is continually being de-christianized by all sorts of pressures that operate upon him in the culture. Are we are aware of the culture? Sometimes engaging the Gospel uses strategies that undermine the Gospel.

Practices that flow from that philosophy v16-18
Every people are defined by the culture. So what is our distinctive culture?

Perspective and outlook

if we engage the culture with an earthly mind, earthly living follows. To resist the culture is to live for Christ. God does the work. To engage the culture is to be more fully in Christ.

Nov. 6th, 2005


(no subject)

i reposted this from justine cause i like it so muchCollapse )

Nov. 5th, 2005


(no subject)

Flightplan was SO good, or pretty good anyway. Some other movies coming out are Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Ice Age 2, and this movie called Glory Road, which looked pretty good, it's basically like Remember the Titans except with basketball. Sherah, Kayla and Brenna couldn't come =( but me and Victoria still had fun.That's basically what I did today besides chores and some school.  =P

final thought: i think i might like being a movie writer/director, then i could make good movies....but yeah, later. =D

Nov. 4th, 2005


(no subject)

 nothing much happened today...like every day. =P spanish, (always fun) kristen's party, (fun too). i think i might go to the movies tomorow with some friends, maybe we can see flight plan....or dreamer...or whatever...

final thought: i'm really, really, really tired...

Nov. 1st, 2005


(no subject)

urgh, i have this neat email that i want to put here, but i can't! copying and pasting doesn't work. =( too bad. i think i sent it to some of u, right? i the one about God is everywhere?

urrrgh! computers! can't live with'um.....

(no subject)

the harvest party was great. we should have costume parties more often. =D co-op was ok, i had to give an impromptu speech on a topic my teacher gave me, my question was "what is grace" . it wasn't to bad, i guess. everyone was very supportive, i wasn't so nervous, i just didn't have anything to say cause i hadn't been thinking about. but yeah, i have challengers tonight i think we can dress crazy for that too. =D fun, fun, fun, lol, (and that's not sarcastically, lol). well that's about it, later! =P

Oct. 30th, 2005


random chat

i'm bored......

and the computer won't let me check my email. i mean, really, this computer has a mind of it's own.

tomorrow's the harvest party,  =D  =D  =D i think i might dress up...

and i'm practically done my co-op hw =D...except for this one insignificant little bit left.....

Oct. 27th, 2005


(no subject)

Ok, I think I officially really don't like math. really, really really....urgh!

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