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If we're not careful we can change the gospel by trying to adjust it to the culture.

Paul's Pastoral Purpose

Colossians 1:24-3:--

Paul is making the word of God fully know so he can present every Christian fully mature in Christ. Longing for every Christian to embody Christ fully. He joyfully suffer, preaches, toils for this purpose. Rejoices in the progress made for this purpose. Is this what we are consumed with? are we aware that what God is doing with us is causing his people to be perfected in Christ. Need to be gripped by this task before we can engage the culture. How do we press people into Christ? That is our task. It's possible for ideals to enter that displace us from our true goals. They can adjust the gospel by suggesting that is about something other than this purpose Paul had.

Is your purpose to win, engage the cultural? If so there may be a gospel drift. We are proclaimers and representatives of the culture.

centers strategy to address the culture by addressing the church not the church. God's people. not to citizens at large. Centers strategy on the redeemed. Defines slavery as contrary to sound teaching. and in doing so helps the church understand how it should be different. wants God's people to understand this issue to be contrary to the Gospel because they're the only ones that can think in those terms. Pushes gospel toward it's radical implications.

Philosophy that drives that purpose verses 6-7
Since they have responded to the Gospel by receiving Christ, they should walk in Christ, in that treasure of wisdom and knowledge.

Have the Gospel be your philosophy. Are we captured by Christ? Is it the world's ideas we here or Christ and the gospel?

A Christian unaware of the problem of leading a christian life in a non-christian society is continually being de-christianized by all sorts of pressures that operate upon him in the culture. Are we are aware of the culture? Sometimes engaging the Gospel uses strategies that undermine the Gospel.

Practices that flow from that philosophy v16-18
Every people are defined by the culture. So what is our distinctive culture?

Perspective and outlook

if we engage the culture with an earthly mind, earthly living follows. To resist the culture is to live for Christ. God does the work. To engage the culture is to be more fully in Christ.



August 2010

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