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Flightplan was SO good, or pretty good anyway. Some other movies coming out are Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Ice Age 2, and this movie called Glory Road, which looked pretty good, it's basically like Remember the Titans except with basketball. Sherah, Kayla and Brenna couldn't come =( but me and Victoria still had fun.That's basically what I did today besides chores and some school.  =P

final thought: i think i might like being a movie writer/director, then i could make good movies....but yeah, later. =D


i didnt like flight plan...i think.
that was the one where the girl was in the engine or something...right?

how have you been, i havent seen you in like a month.

i may not be back at chalengers the rest of the year. i'm hoping to work out my schedule so i can, hopefully it all falls into place.
but i'm defiantely goign to ets, if its still the 19th. is there any new info about that?

i think this is the longest comment i've ever written.

yeah, it was the one where the lady thought she had lost her daughter, she was in like the front part of the plane.

i'm fine, u? i know, i finally came to challengers tuesday but u weren't there. :*( it was fun though, we got to play for longer that usual.

oh, well if you can pleeeeease try to make it back. i'll be praying it does. i'm pretty sure i'm going to ets too. i can't wait! it's fri, nov. 18-20. is it usually a weekend thing? just wondering. oh, and tuesday we're doing quilting at this lady's house, just so u know. just tell me if u want more info. well, ttyl! =D

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